How To Save Money On Your AC Bill This Summer

Save Money the Cool Way – How To Be An Electric Bill Penny Pincher

When Summer turns up the heat, it takes more air conditioning to stay comfortable, which inevitably impacts your electricity bill. This can also put a strain on your air conditioning system and also the environment! That’s a lose-lose situation. Don’t stress, Summit Heating & Air Conditioning LLC is here to help with a few money saving tips.

With the ever rising cost of fuel, electricity, and overall cost of living there has never been a better time to learn how to pinch those pennies and save money on your A/C bill- after all, it adds up fast! Here are a few ways you can lessen the burden on your bank account and even help extend the life of our planet while continuing to maintain a sense of comfort in the summer heat!

  • Draw the shades/curtains while the sun is up. Rays from the sun are beautiful but they do bring in heat so keep them out of your home as much as possible!
  • If you have an attic make sure it is properly ventilated. Hot air rises but if it has nowhere to go it will back up into the rest of the house causing the temperature to rise.
  • When running your a/c make sure to turn the dial to a higher temperature when you’re not in the house so that it doesn’t cycle on so much. What’s the sense in keeping an empty house cool? If you have pets and/or lots of electronics you may only want to raise it so much as to not cause any harm.
    • Have a hard time remembering to turn the thermostat up and down? Have a programmable thermostat installed- set it and forget it! Take it a step further and get a Wi-Fi Thermostat. Not only can you program it but you can also control it from your smart phone!
  • Stay hydrated! Try drinking half of your body weight in ounces to ensure proper hydration and avoid things like soda, coffee, and tea as much as possible as they can actually cause dehydration due to the caffeine and sodium content. Remaining properly hydrated naturally keeps your body at a lower temperature.
  • Have your a/c cleaned and tuned every year. While there is a cost associated with this you can usually find a special early in the season making the cost minimal. By paying for this service you could save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars by catching problems before they get too bad or even develop. Check out our A/C Tuneup services today!
    • Reminder: A unit under warranty that does not have routine maintenance performed annually is subject to a void of the warranty if any repairs needed can be proven to be as a result of negligence (lack of maintenance).
  • Make sure you check your filter(s) in your HVAC system regularly and clean or change them as needed. A dirty/clogged filter can restrict airflow through the unit causing the system to run harder and cycle more often. Not taking this action is like watering a plant, it’s sure to make your electricity bills grow!
Stop dumping money into your a/c system!

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