The Mini Split System Decision

Traditional HVAC Systems Aren’t Always The Answer

I, Jill, bought a new house last year that had electric baseboard heating, no a/c, and no duct. The best option financially and for comfort that I had was to install some mini splits in order to get central heat and air. I personally didn’t have any experience with mini splits and it took some getting use to but almost a year later I can say I’m extremely happy with this decision!

My entire house is electric and to date my highest electric bill, in the dead of winter, was about $200. My electric bill for April/May was about $100 and for May/June was $135. The units are pretty much always on and we even added a pool this year which runs a pump and uses even more electricity.

The mini split heating system is easy to use, easy to maintain, and do a great job at keeping a comfortable temperature throughout the entire house. What’s even better is all of the rooms’ temperatures can be adjusted individually so if the kids are too cold in their rooms they can turn the temperature up and it doesn’t affect anyone else in the house who might be more comfortable at a cooler temperature.

If a traditional HVAC system won’t work for you and your set up you may want to consider adding a mini split system to your home. What are you waiting for?
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