Don’t Get Caught With Your R-22 Pants Down

EPA’s HVAC R-22 Refrigerant Phase Out

If you have an older HVAC system, it may get more expensive to maintain!

In 2004 The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) began to phase out ozone-depleting HCFCs as part of the clean air act. This impacted the HVAC industry in 2010 when manufacturers were no longer permitted to produce equipment already filled with R-22 refrigerant. They continued to manufacture R-22 condensing units only filling them with nitrogen and upon installation have the technician charge the unit with refrigerant. In 2011 production of R-22 refrigerant experienced its first required cut back with an even more significant cut in 2012 of 65%. This caused a surge in cost to purchase the refrigerant Continue reading Don’t Get Caught With Your R-22 Pants Down

HVAC Tips To Prepare For Spring

HVAC Maintenance Tips as the Seasons Change

Just a few things to consider as we transition into the Spring season……


1. Check and change (if necessary) the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

2. If you haven’t changed your HVAC filter in the last 30-90 days it is time to do so. Also, regardless of when you last changed your filter if anyone in your home has been sick you may want to go ahead and change the filter now to keep the germs from continuing to circulate throughout your home.

3. Have your air conditioner and/or heat pump inspected and tuned up sooner than later. The cost of R-22 is climbing exponentially and Continue reading HVAC Tips To Prepare For Spring