How does a boiler work?

Boilers are fuel-fired heaters, using gas or oil as the fuel source. The process of heating with a boiler begins with a spark, a pilot or an igniter starting the combustion process. The heat produced by combustion heats the water inside the boiler to roughly 180 degrees. A small pump, called a circulator pump, circulates the water through the house and travels to either your baseboards or radiators, where the heat is released into the home. Once the heat is released into the home, the water travels back to the boiler where the process begins again.

Is it possible for the boiler to heat the water at my house?

Yes. Some boilers use a domestic coil that is immersed inside the boiler to heat the water for domestic use.

How do I know if I have a boiler?

If you have radiators, baseboard heating or convectors, you have a boiler heating system.

How often should I have my boiler serviced?

If your boiler only heats the air in your home, you should have it serviced annually. If the boiler also heats your domestic water, you should have it serviced twice a year.

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